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Moon in astrology as per bhrigu samhita

Moon in astrology as per bhrigu samhita

Moon is the planet nearest to the Earth and is the only planet in the solar system which revolves round the Earth. The Sun is the generator of power whereas Moon is conductor of power lent by the Sun.

Sun represents individuality whereas Moon shows one's personality. Moon also represents mother if a person is born at night Moon is feminine. Hence the person under the rulership of Moon becomes timid, vacillating receptive and convertible. Moon governs the impregnation, conception, birth of child, the animal instinct the union and the embryo. It also rules the infant stage of a person and it has powerful influence on their lives.

Afflicted Moon at the time of birth causes ailments frequently and does not allow to have proper growth. Natives ruled by Moon generally have white complexion and charming eyes. They are plump and of short stature. They walk with a rolling gait. Moon's influence is said to be cold, moist, phlegmatic and feminine. She is fruitful and convertible in nature according to her position in the chart and her aspects and location in the zodiac (by sign) at that time. Moon rules liquids, fresh water, milk, public commodities like groceries, fish, drinks etc., also sailing, brewing, nursing and females generally.

Moon influences the growth of all plant life. She governs the brain, breasts, left eye of the male and right eye of the female. Her day is Monday, metal silver, colour white; 7 gem pearl and other white stones.

People ruled by Moon are usually sensitive, emotional and domesticated, possessing a love for home and kindred with a good memory. Having a fertile imagination and being also very conscientious, they meet with many ups and downs in life. They are quite receptive and mediumistic and frequently possess musical talent They like water and natural beauty.

If the Moon is not favorable then the natives may be either too easy going and given to self gratification and over indulgence in eating, drinking or pleasure, or are too changeable, negative and uncertain. Person ruled by Moon do well as nurses, cooks, confectioners, grocers, gardeners, matrons, dealers in liquids, stewards, clerks, companions and in other occupations of a common, public or fluctuating nature.

Moon owns Cancer zodiac. She is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. The whole of Cancer is her swakshetra.

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