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ashwini nakshatra in astrology

ashwini nakshatra in astrology

ashwini nakshatra is the first constellation in nakshatra list. lets read about Ashwini nakshatra.

things about ashwini nakshatra  

area of zodiac - 0 - 13.20 degree

ruler of nakshatra - ketu 

ruler of zodiac   - mars

sex - male

motivating impulse - dharma

Guna   - rajasik 

direction - south

ashwini nakshatra general signification

they have brothers ailment and worried about properties. people born in ashwini nakshatra faces disputes with brothers. they should worship of lord Ganesha. 

profession for ashwini nakshatra 

Iron, copper, steel or any kind machinery suits them, surgery, jail, police, military, railways also suits the. dealing in horse best business for ashwini nakshatra born. 

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