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mount of mars in palm meaning

mount of mars in palm meaning

According to palmistry we have two areas where mount of Mars is present. One is higher and other is lower. The higher one lies above the starting of heart line where as the lower one lies a bit above the life line.

People who's mount of Mars is risen they are courageous,powerful and fearless.

A person with good risen Mars mount will have strong views and their life is a balanced one.

Also these people are experts in fighting, a well risen mount can take a person towards bad and wrong path.

Those who have a normal rise alongside a bit of redness tend to have success and attain a good position. They are successful in banking sector and finance.

People with a flat mount are cowards and have a very less ability to take risks.

A sign of multiplication on the Mars mount tells us that a person will die during struggle whereas a zig zag one denotes that a person will have an accident.

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