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how to avoid bad dreams

Some people are always facing the problem of having bad dreams or some recurrent dreams which starts causing problems. Mostly women suffer this type of problem. Let's have a look at how we can get rid of them.

Dreams and timing

As per dream interpretation study dreams between 12am -2am gives result within a year, 2am -4am gives result within 6months and 4am-6am in 3months and the ones which are seen in early morning gives the results very quick.

Remedies to avoid nightmares

Keep a knife under the place where generally the head position is .People who tend to have recurrent nightmares and also have sleep disturbances due to them must keep a knife under the pillow or bed. In case knife is not available then scissors, nail cutter, thorn etc can also be used.

Keep a small Packet filled with rice of yellow color under the pillow. Turmeric powder can be used to give yellow color to the rice.

At night before sleeping keep 5small cardamom pods placed in a cloth under the pillow. Peaceful sleep will come.

Keep a covered copper vessel with water filled next to the bedside for the night and in the morning pour that water in any plant.

Somethings to be kept in mind before sleeping

Do not place any Footwear under the bed at all. These things cause bad dreams and nightmares.

Avoid using very dark colored bed sheets and also avoid wild animal print on it as well.

Bed should be cleaned properly before sleeping and one should wash their feet before Sleeping.

Women having nightmares should always make a point to tie up their hair before sleeping as this might also invite nightmares.

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