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vastu shastra remedies for money and prosperity

vastu shastra remedies for money and prosperity

Every person wants money , Vastu plays an important role here as well. Today we will share with you some tips which will help in constant flow of money.

Vastu tips to keep almira and cash 

Vastu rules specify that the temple of the house should be well lit. Northeast should be used for making the temple of the house as this direction is fixed for Lords.

Jewellery and money etc in West direction brings normal luck and prosperity.

Northwest direction 

If money is kept in this direction then it becomes very difficult to gather money for survival. Such a person's budget is always mismanaged and in debts.

Keeping of a safe vault is also inauspicious under the stairs and also next to a toilet or stairs. Room where the safe is kept should never have cobweb or clutter as it causes negativity.

Keeping wealth,gold,silver and ornaments in South direction will not cause any loss but also will not bring an increase in it.

Keeping wealth in South East Direction would decrease the wealth as it would effect the earning of the house runner thereby causing debts.

Keeping almira in Southwest and south is the most beneficial.

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