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Relation of migraine with Vastu shastra

Relation of migraine with Vastu shastra

In vastu science a lot has been discussed about diseases, let’s talk about a common disease which is migraine. Let’s see as per vastu the root cause of migraine.

In today’s world migraine is a very common problem. Only the person who has experienced it would know how bad it is. Firstly let’s see how it is caused.

When the food which we eat, is not digested properly in our body, an acid is produced which makes its place inside our head. With this thing happening daily the nerves of that area wakens and slowly and steadily as the acid level increases the pain of migration starts.

Now as we have seen that the root cause of this problem is acid formation. In vastu the diseases are divided as per the direction of the house like VaaT, Pitta and cough.

The area from east to southwest south is the zone associated with acid. To stop acid formation one should stop eating in southwest – south direction, keeping or carrying of food, temple of the house etc all increase the Pitta level. Also, keeping head in the northeast direction, any red or pink colour in this direction creates a big problem.

We have also given you the remedy here

Red family colour should be used in Northeast and avoid keeping of food in southwest –south direction. Above all keep northeast-north direction empty as it would help in boosting of the immunity.

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