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Rahu in vedic astrology

Rahu in vedic astrology

Today let's talk about Rahu, its not a planet neither has any shape or even body ,it's just two dots knows as the moon's orbit, those two cutting dots as known as Rahu and Ketu. However is astrology rahu and Ketu are very important.

As per vedic astrology

Rahu and Ketu are both karmic planets they do not have any house. The give benefit according to the zodiac they are sitting at. However Rahu's nature is similar to that of Saturn.

Nature of Rahu

It's related to division, freedom from anything, shine, joy and very intelligent things. It's also considered as a royal planet.

Apart from this prison, poison, burglary, loss and inclination towards a needy woman is also Rahu's symptoms.

Disease caused by Rahu

Sudden diseases are caused by Rahu like accident, heart attack and paralysis.

A good Rahu makes a person brilliant and makes them shine in the field of radiology ,astronomy and photography.

Rahu is also associated with betrayal, maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather, riots , perverted sex and drugs type problems.

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