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know nature from shape of feet

know nature from shape of feet

Face reading also tells us about different shapes of feet of people. Just by seeing the shape of a person's feet alot can be known about that person. Let's take a look at different shapes of feet and it's meanings.

Some people have toes which have small gap in between them or are wider. These type of people live their self respect alot and keep their career ahead of anything and gain success after very hard work.

Some people have toes which are closely shaped. It indicates that a person will be favored by luck and are not the ones who would get scared easily.

It's seen as the finger next to thumb of feet is bigger as compared to the thumb , For males it means their spouse will listen to them and they will have a happy life.

If the same condition is seen in female then it means that she will dominate the household decisions.

The upper area of the feet if is circular then it indicates a person will not have any monetary issues.

if the thumb is more outward as compared to rest of the toes then it's considered inauspicious.

If the shape of toes is normal and feet are muscular then they are peaceful nature. They like to rest alot and tend to find some or the other plan. They lead a peaceful life.

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