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importance of venus planet in astrology

importance of venus planet in astrology

venus is second other Planet which is nearer to the sun and closest to the earth. let us talk about this planet today. It's parts,composition and work.

Venus As per astronomy

As per astronomy Venus (also called shukra) never goes away from sun by 48° however astrology had already made such prediction thousand years ago. A day at Venus is equivalent to 11 days of earth. Its can be seen 5 hours before sunrise and 5 hours after sunset. 48° axis from sun.

Venus As per astrology

It's considered feminine,ruling having water element. It's the Lord of southeast Direction. It represents politeness, softness,humbleness, love,devotion, peace and meditation. As another main point it's also considered important for diplomacy.

It believes in good dresses, fashion and brotherhood. People who have good Venus position know how to keep others happy. Eroticism and intimacy are also ruled by Venus.

Venus is selfless love which makes a person with good Venus a selfless lover loving without any greed. Luxury in life is also associated with Venus.

Negativity associated with it
Prostitution, incest, homosexuality is also caused by venus and draws people towards these.

It effects or skin, muscle and exogenous parts.

Zodiac sign

It is the ruler of Taurus and Libra zodiac. It's highest level is in pieces zodiac thereby giving best results

Metal- silver

Gemstone - diamond

Taste - sour


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