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how to get happiness with vastu

how to get happiness with vastu

It's seen that many a times that despite of having everything people of the house are not happy. Every work is being carried on time but still there is no happiness in the house. Vastu also describes about this. Let's see what are the reasons for it and how can we attain happiness and joy.

Northeast zone in the house represents happiness and joy. It's known as the place for Jayant deva as per vedic Vastu, whose responsibility is to keep one happy and fresh.

It's also seen at times that a person is happy with their life and lives life every second. The reason behind it is the balance of Jayant deva. If this Direction is good then person would like to move on in life without any worries.

It's seen as a balanced northeast- east residents have a positive attitude due to which they have a big and helpful social circle.

What could be the defects

Toilet,clutter or any type of dirt,red color gives problem in this direction. Green 
Color here is the most favorable.

A picture depicting happiness or joy should be placed in this direction.

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