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Fragrance and Planets in astrology

Fragrance and Planets in astrology

does fragrance relates with planets  ?.....yes it does..As per astrology by using fragrance associated with a certain planet gives good results from that Planet. Let's see by the use of which one what benefits can we have.

For sun
Saffron and rose should be used to get favorable results from sun.

For moon
Use of fragrance of jasmine pleases the moon.

For Mars
Red saffron fragrance , perfume,oil pleases Mars.

For Mercury
Use of champa and lemon fragrance and essential oil balances Mercury.

For Jupiter
Saffron and Kewda fragrance is used to please Jupiter

For Venus
Camphor and sandalwood fragrance is used for getting favourable results , it's also lightly fragrant.

For Saturn
Lemon or Lemongrass suit Saturn the best.

For Rahu and Ketu
Any fragrance can be used for them but the only condition is that it should be chemical free.

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