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effect of constellation in our lives

effect of constellation in our lives

Let's today discuss about the effect of constellation in our lives. The amount of effect a zodiac sign and lagna (ascendant) have on a person , a constellation has even more effect in ones lives. Let's have a look.

What is Nakshatra in astrology

In vedic astrology constellation are calculated by sages and monks to see it's effect on human life by dividing the Zodiac circle into 27 parts.

It's a 360° circle with 27 parts which makes each part 13°-20° which is known as Nakshatra or constellation. As per astrology ita also known as constellation, asterism and constellation.

One part of Nakshatra usually lasts for 24 hours but also at times a planet may take more or less time in covering this distance. The time which the moon takes to cross 13°-20° is termed as Nakshatra. As we know there are 12 zodiac signs so Quarter past two Nakshatra makes one moon sign which you will understand below.

As per Vedas these Nakshatra tells us about the results of our karma, either good or bad. Every Nakshatra has a lord as well. Later on for accuracy Acharya Krishnamurti ji divided every Nakshatra into 4 sub parts.

Out of 27 total Nakshatra 6 are gand mool. There are total 9 planets and 27 Nakshatra thereby making it ruler of 3 Nakshatra.

More in this Nakshatra topic will be discussed later in our topics.

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