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Benefit of emerald in astrology

Benefit of emerald in astrology

In astrology emerald is associated with mercury planet and is green in color. Wearing provides alot of benefits but not everyone can wear it. What are the benefits of wearing it and how to wear it come let's have a look.

About emerald

It's a gemstone which is derived from earth while some are found in nuclear state like the pearl. Nowadays in labs emeralds are also made artificially which are not considered good as per astrology. If a person is wearing emerald for astrology the a pure and natural one should only be used otherwise there will be no benefit.

Who should wear emerald

Now we shall see who all can or should wear it. It's associated with planet Budha , in the horoscope of a person If budha Planet is ruler of centre or is the ruler of triangle formation , such persons are advised to wear emerald. Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra , Capricorn and Aquarius Zodiacs benefit from emerald.

How to wear emerald

One can wear emerald by chanting of
"Om bhraam bhreem braum sah budhya namah"

Benefit of wearing emerald

It helps to improve mind,nervous system, knowledge, concentration, maths and Intelligence. Apart from this it's also used for black magic,stone problem,asthma, kidney disease, jaundice and mental problems.

Emerald should only be worn after consulting with an astrologer. Pearl and coral should not be worn together as they are considered as enemies.

Substitute for emerald

Aquamarine , green tourmaline and green zade.

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