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vastu tips for support and banking

vastu tips for support and banking

according to vastu shastra, vastu energies works in all aspect of life. today we discuss on support, which direction responsible and how to enhance it.

as per vastu law northwest direction is for support and banking. if we talk on support, all the person who gives us service like our servants, employees, also co-employees, our clients and suppliers. our banks and financiers.

if we want to sell a property than we contact an agent, it comes also in support category. if our NW area is active and positive than we get a good deal. 

If you want support from society or relatives, also need to balance this zone.

how to enhance northwest area

This are belongs to metal zone, we have multiple options in vastu shastra, one can place pyramid here, also can place a earthy pillar, use white or silver color, place an white color horse also recommended.

before doing any remedy you should ask form an vastu consultant for accurate position and remedy.

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