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Shvetaark Ganpati removes penury Vastu remedies

Shvetaark Ganpati removes penury Vastu remedies

Aakda is also known as aak plant. It is a very rare species which is white aak. The root of this plant replicates the white Ganpati. The identity of this plant is its white flowers. In any plants root the making of replica of Ganpati takes years to form let's see it's benefits

Shape of Ganpati is seen 

After taking the root from the plant it's outer layers are kept submerged in the water for a few days. When it's taken out of water then the shape of the body of Lord Ganpati is seen in it.

How the Shvetark Ganpati looks 

The white Ankra plant's root resembles to the shape of his trunk, also the roots trunk looks like his body and nearby branches resemble arms and trunk like figure. In se plants of appear as it Ganpati is in the sitting posture. 

Presence of Ganpati in plant 

As per our ancient scriptures bilva tree houses Lord Shiva and same way aak houses Lord Ganpati just like it can be seen from the roots which looks Iike his shape in the plant.

Takes away penury

By worshipping shvetaark Ganpati penury is siad to be abolished. To succeed in all works Ganpati worshipping is said to be important. This form of Ganpati is said to be natural and miraculous. Belief is that in houses where shvetaark Ganpati is worshipped penury , illness and problems stay away from those houses. 

Use of shvetaark Ganpati in Vastu Science 

This plant is said to be kept outside the house by Vastu Science. It stops all the negative energy outside only and does not let it in. This plant is said to be kept near the main gate.

For any business related problems placement of shvetaark Ganpati is advised.

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