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Lord Ganesha and removal of Vastu defects

Lord Ganesha and removal of Vastu defects

Lord Ganesha is said to be the obstacle remover. Every time Lord Ganesha is worship at first . In a house where Lord Ganesha is worshiped prosperity and profit follow. Apart from this Lord Ganesha also helps to remove Vastu defects. Let's see howto worship Lord Ganesha and what are the rules to it.

Installation of Lord Ganesha should be done on the top of the main gate of the house or in northeast. 

Ganpati should never be offered holy basil leaves. 

If the house has dwarvedh also known as vidhi shoola it's members get deflected. House should not have any tree,temple,posts or t points are symptoms of dwarvedh  house. In such a condition an idol of Ganpati in sitting position should be placed with the size not more than that of 10-11 finger lenth.

In the House Temple the idol of Lord Ganesha should be either in resting or lying down position. If someone has some special purpose of worship like arts or study then dancing idol of Ganpati should be worshipped apart from this if the inclination of the floor is towards South then place an image of dancing Ganpati on the south wall towards inside.

The idol of Ganpati facing in southwest gives benefits, northwest gives property loss ,if northwest it causes lack of concentration and in southeast could result in famine also.

Only one image of Ganpati is enough. More than one idols or pictures cause problems.

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