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Virgo zodiac characteristics

Mercury is the Lord of Virgo zodiac. This planet is near to the sun and its element is earth. It has two faced appearance. They have attractive personality,slim body, bushy eyebrows, beautiful, shy natured. mercury is highest placed in this zodiac. But If mercury is not placed well in horoscope then the effect is lessened. Lets see their characteristics.

nature of virgo sign in vedic astrology

mercury being the Lord of this zodiac it also resembles Gemini. These people in reality look much younger than their age.

They do every work quickly and do not think about that much. Being emotional they are unable to control their feelings but this same quality takes them ahead as well.

These people make their own plans and plan to fulfill it. They keep lost in their own imagination. 

These people become selfish as well and tend to constantly work towards goals and they also tend to feel low and back due to failure.

If these are men have feminine, beauty , tenderness , sweetness and speech is polite. Their belief is common to religion . To conclude the devoutly religious activities. They expect cooperation or respect from their friends. 

Social work brings them success and with their sharp mind they easily find solutions for their problems. They have feelings of glory. As per the opportunity favorable Seasoning and sacrifice willingly. They are capable of developing feeling of generosity.

Their childhood suffers but when middle-aged they are happy, blessed with children. They are honest and work oriented in married life.

Due to their likeliness of beauty they tend to have relations with one or more women.

These people can also work well as good doctors. They also contribute importantly towards administrative work at good posts. They are good mathematician,literature lover,lawyer,judge, artist, reasonable consultant. They also gain fame in the field of politics.

Their old age brings them mental problems and other diseases.

Rise of fate : - 24 th year , then chance to rise at 33 , 42 , 51 , ​​60 , 69 and 78th years is extremely

Friends signs : - Aries, Gemini, Leo , Libra

Enemy : - Cancer,

Gemstones- emerald ,

Friendly colors - green ,

Good days - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Friendly god - Ganesh ji , Saraswati Devi , Durga Devi ,

Fasting day: - Wednesday

Favorable number: - 5 ,
Favorable dates : - 5, 14 , 23 ,

Positive facts : - stirring , practical knowledge ,

Negative fact - finding evil , sinister contemplation ,

Namakshr amount : - to , Pa , Pi, E ,pu,sh,na,tha,pe,o

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