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South faced plot and vastu

A South faced plot is considered inauspicious in Vastu but there is nothing like that it's just a myth. Some people are scared to buy a South facing plot also the builders also sell such plots at lower rates. We would like to mention that there is no fault in South faced plot .

As compared to other directions a plot in this direction has to be made carefully as even a small mistake would create very big problems. Let's see the possible problems

* if construction is going on a South faced plot then take special care that main door should not be made in South West at all.

* boring and sewage system should be in southeast not in southwest at all.

*some houses are front open and made made from backside , avoid such construction on South faced plot.

*use elevated area to make house above the road.

*leveling of the floor should be similar throughout the house, if it is in South direction then problems will reside in the house only and never leave.

*walls on South side should be less in quantity.


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