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Northwest in Vastu Science

Northwest is the direction is the area in the middle of North and West. The god of air is the Lord of this direction and in planets Ketu (south node) is associated with this direction. In Vastu Science this area is known to be the area of air.

Since it's the area of air it has the least Vastu restrictions. Toilet,kitchen, bedroom or bathroom etc can be made in this direction. 

Since air element is more in this direction so whatever comes in this direction it's air element increases that is the reason why the elderly people are not advised this corner of the house.

People who are young or of the marriageable age should Sleep in this room. 

If a shopkeeper keeps his goods in this direction then his sales improve. 

If this direction is error free of the Vastu defects then it brings closeness in the relationships. People give love,respect and partnership. Just the opposite to it the respect is reduced along people. Good relationships are not formed among people also problems with legal matters also develop if the air element has Vastu defects.

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