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nature of marriage in vedic astrology

In astrology how marriage will take place is indicated by the planet and its house of lordship that maintain a strong connection with 7th (house of marriage) house. let see how we check

lord of 1st house - by self efforts or with an associate 

2nd house          -  with support or efforts by family member

3rd house           -  with the help of neighbors or near by person

4th house           -  marriage with a relative or efforts of mother

5th house           -  love marriage or marry with sports person or                                     person from creative field 

6th house           -  with the help of maternal relations, colleagues                                    or  with sub ordinate 

7th house           -  court marriage, involvement of social worker                                     type person

8th house           -  sudden marriage

9th house           -  with help of father, teacher, new friends. 

10th house         -  assistance of person work in same place or with a                               colleague

11th house        -  marriage with friend or friends family member or                              help from friend

12th house        -  secret marriage or marriage in abroad

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