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Wind chime benefits in Vastu

Wind chime is a popular Feng Shui object. There are a lot of ways to use it. By the use of it we can ward off negative energy and bring in positivity. All we have to do is check the number of rods which are attached to a wind chime.

A wind chime can't be just placed anywhere, it should only be placed in northwest or west only.

It could be made up of wood, ceramic pipe or metal. In a wind chime different sized bells are tied together in a way that when wind blows they start ringing automatically.

 Make sure that the pipes used in a chime are hollow from inside so that the negativity flows in and positivity flows out of it. 

A chime with a total of 5 or 7 rods removes negative energy. 6 or 8 rods are said to improve luck and should be hung in northwest of the drawing room.

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