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Main door in Southwest - big Vastu defect

Main door in Southwest - big Vastu defect

Southwest is the most important Direction in Vastu Science. It is run by Rahu(north node) deva. Main door in this direction is considered a big Vastu defect which is capable of giving all sorts of problems. Let's take a look at the problems caused by it and the remedies for it .

also as per astrology point of view

As discussed earlier the Lord if this direction is Rahu which is related with permanency, sudden problems and money inflow. In astrology Rahu is symbol of progress ,however this direction gives some people alot money and prosperity, about this we will talk later in detail. If main door to the house comes in this direction then it's problematic. Vastu tips what type of pictures should not kept inside the house.

A very big problem associated with it is that person is never stable and is always wandering here and there. Alot of people say that after moving to the new house the business is stopped or shut. Mental peace is disturbed. The burden of loan creates worries also we advise people living in such houses to avoid taking loan because by doing so once if taken the loan is never repaid. Sudden accidents are also caused by this direction.

There is another secret to having a main door in southwest Direction or any other defect causes imbalance in our root chakra. It's the very first chakra in our body representing earth element ,when this is imbalanced then stability becomes difficult also saving and prosperity suffer. One the base chakra is imbalanced the rest chakra will also be imbalanced surely .

This is the reason why southwest is an important corner in Vastu, if it is effected no matter how much money say even lakhs of money is earned with the help of northeast corner it will not be saved and satisfaction will never be achieved. If northeast is effected and southwest is appropriate then even if savings are less a person will be able to save and live satisfactorily.

remedies for southwest main entrance

Let's talk about some remedies now. As the gate has been made already in this direction and no other way can be sought of then these remedies can be followed

#use a heavy door in this Direction no matter even if it is made up of iron.

#color of the door should be maroon, skin or brown.

# use of convex mirror outside the door.

#if a person is Hindu then five faced hanuman Ji can be placed outside the door.

# if this is your own house then put copper wire under the main door.

#alot of other remedies like use of copper pyramid,coins can be used in Vastu Science. Use of copper in Vastu Science.

#if possible then make another door in north Direction to lesse it's effect.

#use camphor lamp inside the house.

#any water fountain or water element should be used in this direction.

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