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What is mooladhar chakra or Root chakra

What is mooladhar chakra or Root chakra

Our body has 7 original chakras. These 7 are our body's energy spots. They are connected to our present and future life. Out of these 7 mooladhar chalra is the very first one. It is related with stability in life. Let's see what is this mooladhar chakra and its effects in our life.

About mooladhar chakra

Name mooladhar chakra it root chakra
element earth
Color maroon
Place in body coccygeal plexus
Associations house health happiness and family
Vastu related Direction South West

This is the very first chakra in coccygeal plexus. It's red coloured and is depicted using yellow coloured square lotus.

With the help of this chakra we know our body,who are we,where we have to go,what do we need and what all we have are known by this chakra . In a way it makes us aware of our roots. That is the reason why it is called mooladhar chakra.

It helps ur to bind with others. With its help we know that we are hungry or in pain. In a way it binds us with our soul and makes us aware of the body.

This chakra binds our soul and body. It's like a foundation. The same way if we want stability and solidity then we should protect this chakra. If this chakra is imbalanced then other chakras will also get disturbed.

If this chakra is working properly then our body will not face any problem in working and we will feel secured. We will have good confidence.

Imbalance of root chakra

If it gets increased then we will become very active. We will be hbale to strike balance with the rest of the world and will feel anger and will dislike the world.

If it gets deceased then person will get less active. Person will feel detached with other people, restless, worried, loosing attention and will get intolerant.

If this chakra is blocked and there is no energy flow then we could get shocked and unable to know the changes in our body. Might be possible that the ability to differentiate between right and wrong is also ended.

Now we talk about healing mooladhar chakra and ways to correct it.

It can be balanced by doing yoga. There are alot of postures like squats, taadhasan,utkatsaan,trikonasana .

Meditation can also be used for repairing chakra. Meditation will give mental and physical strength.

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