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Vastu for West facing plots

Vastu for West facing plots

Houses which have way towards West are known as facing of West. Their positive or negative effects fall upon the child of the house. Here we are telling about how such a plot can be made fruitful by following some simple Vastu tips.

West facing Vastu tips 

The main door of such a plot should also be in west Direction. Southwest and northwest should not have main entrance. Having a door in Southwest brings illness money loss and fear of premature death. 

If a West faced plot is empty in the front then
At the back in east direction and also possible then in North direction also some place should be left empty. Where the East direction has more space than West then the children face problems. South and West parts of the house should be always heavier than North and East . 

West facing plot if has a big wall on and then constructed in front then its considered favorable. Behind the Wall at the West direction of the house in east should have wall whose height is larger always. 

The floor of such a house in front side should be higher than that at the back of the house in this direction this brings luck and success. It it's lower then money loss and insult are faced. 

Rooms of such a plot should have more height of wall and floor as compared to the ones in the morning East. 

House in west Direction should have the outlet for water in North,east or northeast. The outlet of water should be near to house in west direction causes the members of the house serious problems. 

The front of the house big and tall trees gives good results but main gate should not have a tree in front.

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