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Use Lotus Crystal for healthy relationship in vastu shastra

A very famous product is Vastu is Lotus crystal. Some people associate it Goddess Laxmi others with brains. Likewise this is associated with earth which provides stability. Let's see how this lotus crystal is used.

How to use lotus crystal 

Crystals are considered to be very powerful gadgets. They are believed to increase the energy of any place by 100%. By placing an activated Crystal the flow of positive energy increases. Let's see how. The apt place for this crystal is the one where sun's rays falls on it as when the rays fall and pass through the crystal positive energy flows. It's advisable to be placed near a Window.

If someone is facing problems in relationships or to an extent are facing bad luck then place this crystal in Southwest direction at 225° of the house.

Apart from this it can also be placed in office, it gives good results. A lotus crystal which has open petals should be used and Northeast should not be used for keeping this crystal.

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