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How to get rid of problems using Swastika

Swastika is a very age old symbol used in our ancient Indian culture and is considered as a symbol of goodwill. That is the reason why before any auspicious work a Swastika is made and worshipped. It's made up of words su+ as+ka. Su means good ,as means power and being and ka means doer. So in nutshell it means something which is doing good or auspicious. Let's see it's benefits as per Vastu.

Shape of this Swastika can be of two types

In this the lines move in front and turn towards right side. This is known as Swastika, this is the symbol of progress.

In this Swastika the lines move towards the back side towards left. This is known as Vamavrata Swastika. In India society it's considerd inauspicious. 

Swastika in Vastu Science 

It's used to end the negative energy in the house. It should be also considered that it works as a powerful yantra so should not be used anywhere and everywhere. Only after expert's consultation it should be used.

The reason being when a person establishes it ,the thought which person is having at that time will be increased so while putting it up the thought should be calm and peaceful with feelings to attain all good, since it's a power yantra .

It could be made of any material like copper,brass is put in South and west.
Silver Swastika is used in east and north only.
Paper made or plastic Swastika can be used anywhere.

Swastika should not be placed near bathroom or toilet.

Where to use Swastika

* symbol of Swastika can be made outside of the house on the main gate of the house.
*to make South direction heavier it's used.
*never use it in bedroom.
*a small Swastika can be placed inside the temple of the house.
*outside the walls of the room can be placed.
*a black color Swastika should not be used.
*anywhere and everywhere they should not be made.

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