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How electronic gadgets cause problems as per fengshui & vastu shastra

An ion is an atom which has unequal quantities of protons and electrons. This causes them to charge. They hold importance in modern Vastu science as well. Nowadays people get problems in life an important reason for it could be ions also. Let's see how and what are the problems caused by them.

use electronics with precautions as per fengshui

We have studied in school that ions are of two types.if electrons are more than protons then ion is negative and when it's opposite happens protons are more than electrons then positive ion is emitted. It's also known as cation. 

Positive ions are very bad for our body and cause diseases like tumour,restlessness and cancer. Positive ions are emitted by electronic items like computer, laptop. Electronic meter or the switch board in the house also emitts these ions. Apart from these our mobile phone also emits these ions which we keep with us even when we sleep. They effect mind and body cells directly. If it's quantity is more in the house the members of the house will have a bad mood. We can measure it with the help of an EMF detector. 

Mobile towers also emit these positive ions as a result of which people living nearby it fall ill. 

To get safe from positive ions we have negative ions. Negative ions are just the opposite they are good for our body too. They are made by the environment like the flowing water is a very big source of it also strong winds,heavy rain and cosmic radiations are a few examples.Apart from this there a few gadgets made with the help of science which help to increase the negative ions at homes. 

A waterfall is a very good source of it. This is the reason why a person feels relaxed when sitting near waterfall. Apart from this a rock salt lamp is also very important. The Himalayas are abundant in these two also the plants and trees also act as life savers. Ionisers are also available in the market. Use of copper also helps here. If one is forced to use heavy stuff which has electric or radiation then make sure that you take care of the negative ions as well to balance it out.

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