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effects of House temple in southwest corner in vastu shastra

A house temple in the southwest corner of the house is a Vastu defect. Let's see it's effects.

Many a times we sew that a person with marriageable age has lost interest in marriage. Loss of interest in marriage could be due to Vastu defects also.

Having faith in God is good but it doesn't mean that a person should be lost in God's worshipping only. According to Vastu if the House temple is in southwest this kind of problems crop up and marriageable person starts to aversion of marriage. 

Southwest corner is responsible for relationships. It's observed that if the temple is placed here then person takes a lot of interest in God and does all the work thinking that its is God's wish it's wrong thinking as then a person stops doing karma. 

The best remedy for it is to shift the temple to some other place.

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