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West direction in Vastu shastra

Lord of the West direction is Lord Varuna or air God. Apart from this Lord Shani or Saturn is also associated with West direction. Let's see importance of West direction as per Vastu.

significance of west direction in vastu shastra

While constructing a house this direction should not be left empty. Heavy construction in this direction is auspicious. The wall in this direction should be thicker then the rest of the walls of the house.

If it is Vastu compliant the it gives respect, status, happiness and prosperity. Family relations are the best.

Any problem with the Vastu here will cause problems in marital life. Husband and wife relationship is effected. Also the business partnership is effected.

If the house is West faced then the main door will give benefit from air God.

Any boring or pit in this direction should be avoided. The direction for water exit from the house should not be in this direction.

In Feng Shui this North and northwest direction is associated with metal element. It has effect on children. Usage of wind chime is the best in this direction.

Inside the house West wall should be heavy and filled. Any crack or opening in the wall is not considered good at all. By using a peacock feather in the West wall decrease Vastu defects.

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