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Vastu tips for southeast facing plot

A house which has a way or road in southeast is said to be agneyamukhi plot. The ruler of this Direction is venus which effects women and children of the house.

south-east facing property in vastu shastra

It's believed that people who have southeast facing house they face health and financial problems also the fights are also very common here. If constructed as per Vastu then southeast plot will also provide good results. Let's know more about these Vastu tips.

Vastu tips for agneyamukhi house

The main door of the house should be in middle East or northeast direction and if making a door is not possible here then a window can be made instead which remains open most of the time. The minn door of house in this direction should not be made in southwest else robbery and losses occur. 

Normally places like these have a open verandah or portico which is unlucky. If it all its there then keep it covered and closed. The floor of this direction should also be elevated. 

In this direction if the house has Southeast direction more to south then enemity and problems to the ladies of the house occur. Just opposite to it if the house is more in east or northeast then its the best. 

South East ,South should always have a window or a door. Apart from this at southeast direction of the house on the main gate place the image of Lord Ganesha at inside and outside both the places.

If the kitchen of the house comes in northeast then problems will increase effecting health and causing arguments among the family members always. In a southeast plot kitchen is an important place so care should be taken that kitchen is in southeast only. 

In southeast facing houses boring, septic tank or inclination of the floor should not be in southeast but East is best for it. 

Electronic meters,generator electrical poles should be in southeast only.

House in southeast should have a septic water tank in north direction and East should have a well is the best.

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