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vastu shastra Remedies for discord in house

A discord which is rare at homes is not a serious issue but when things turn really sore and out of hand then peace of the house is effected. There are times when people get so fed up that they take up harsh steps which are wrong. A reason for this could be Vastu defect as well. Let's see how to avoid such situations and know some remedies as per Vastu and Vedic methods.

Vedic remedies 

A five faced diya should be lit in the temple of the house on every Tuesday. Camphor and ashtagandha should be used as well.

On Thursday and Sunday jaggery with clarified butter should be placed on dry cowdung and burnt this will make the place fragrant.

Once a week any day incense dhoop made of guggal should be used to calm down bad effects.

A reason for discord could be clutter or unused items in the house if at all there is any old and unused stuff give it away immediately.

Apart from this using of red and black colors in kitchen and bedroom also caused discord so it should also be avoided.

Sea salt should be used in water to clean the floor.

Usage of rock salt lamp also provides peace so it should be used.

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