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Vastu shastra and uncertain problems

It's observed that problems never end. One problem ends and other one crops up or when the work is on the verge of finalizing it stops. How is all of this happening one is unable to understand also a person also has no knowledge of Vastu Directions then what should be done. Let's see what's the reason for these problems and solutions to it.

vastu tips for uncertain problems

1 clutter and unused items in the house - people collect antics,coins,iron,wood these are considered as biggest Vastu defects so should be thrown out.

2 house should be cleaned daily and broken utensils ,old clothes should not be kept. 

3 toilet and bathroom should be neat and clean also dry bathroom is associated with moon and toilet is associated with Rahu. If they are dirty then mental peace will not be achieved.

4 terrace and stairs are under Rahu planet. They should be totally clean so sudden problems will turn to sudden profit.

5 old unused clock and electrical gadgets should not be kept. This might seem very common but it's very difficult to follow.

6 use fragrance in house without the use of any chemicals.

7 place a copper coin in the vessel containing drinking water this will decrease anger of member's of family and respect will increase.

8 all objects should be placed at their respective places so that the positivity is gained at the maximum.

9 main door of the house be neat and clean and of any breakage is there it should be repaired immediately.

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