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vastu Remedies for kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen if is in North or northeast then as per Vastu it could bring in troubles for you Such houses always have peace and health related issues also if black color is used in the kitchen then it would invite divorce and government cases problems also come up. In our article earlier we discussed about why kitchen should not be made in Northeast. If northeast of the house is effected then one or the other members of the house is either angry alot or gets mad over something or the Other.

vastu tips for kitchen in north-east

However these kind of pproblems come up only of the number of people in the house are more bit if there are2-3 members in the house then it's effect is not that much but still it will be a defect. If at all kitchen is towards East then also problem lessens or just ends also if southeast corner is proper then too kitchen doesn't cream problems.

Now comes the part that now the kitchen is made in this direction and breakage is not possible then what can be done. Here are siem remedies for the same.

1 Keep the kitchen totally clean.

2 If the slab is of black color then change it to cream or light yellow.

3 It is seen that houses which have kitchen i n northeast also accumulate clutter and junk in big quantities. If at all these items should be firstly thrown out of the house immediately.

4 While cooking always face towards East not in North.

5 If possible then make a Window in North or East and keep that open while cooking if this is not possible then put a mirror on the wall in North or East.

6 Placing a rock salt lamp outside the kitchen in North direction will help to soak up all the negative energy from the kitchen.

7 On both sides of the cooking gas burner place pyramid chips.

8 If the kitchen floor is elevated then get it leveled if it's already leveled then nothing needs to be done.

9 In North or northeast of kitchen a pyramid can also be placed.

10 Keeping heavy goods here causes imbalances and is dangerous so that should also be avoided.

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