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Vaatu science and Copper benefits

Vaatu science and Copper benefits

In Vastu copper is considered equivalent to gold and silver. Apart from this ayurveda also has many uses of copper and have also told about its importance and benefit associated with copper.

Use of copper in Vastu Science

Copper and humans have same wavelength so it works on negative energy quickly and efficiently.

Due to its same wavelength all the yantras made by astrologers were of copper only.

In nature copper is said to be oligodynamic ( effect on bacteria by metals sterilization) which kills bacteria of the water kept inside it. This can also be seen as a reason why people throw copper coins in river. 

Water from copper utensil helps to maintain thyroid levels in body and helps in its normal working.

As per Ayurveda treatment if we want to flush out the toxins from the body then drink water kept in copper utensil for minimum 8 hours . This will give benefit to the health and also removes other ailments. 

As per Vastu if there is any electricity leakage in the house then copper square piece can be kept along side the electronic gadgets. 

If the main gate of the house is in wrong direction then copper coins can be hung on the gate this stops negativity also copper strips can also be used.

If South direction of the house is lighter than North then keep a solid copper pyramid for good results.

Apart from this in Vastu associated with West direction metals play an important role. If any showpiece is to be kept made of metal the West direction is the best suited to it.

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