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Things that hinder success - fengshui art

Things that hinder success - fengshui art

fengshui rules clearly state that useless things should not be kept in the house. Apart from this there are things which should not be kept broken and removed immediately as they cause obstacles in life. Let's see what are these things.

fengshui- vastu rules for sudden problems

1 Broken utensils shouldn't be kept in the house. If at all they are kept than results is poverty. 

2 Broken mirror should not be kept in the house. Due to this defect negative energy gets activated and the members of the family face negativity as well.

3 Clock is the symbol of progress of house and family which resides in it and clock represents luck. So watches not working should be removed immediately. 

4 An image if broken no matter how close you are to it should be removed immediately.As per Vastu it produces negative effects. 

5 If the main door or any other door of the house is broken then it should be fixed immediately as it effects the financial condition of the members.

6 Bed is important for married life. To maintain peace and happiness the bed should not be broken or should have any mind of cracks. If the bed is not right then couple will have to face marital problems.

7 The furniture of the house should be in good quality and should not be placed in house if broken as its considered unlucky. It invites Vastu defects. This causes financial problems for the members so it should be rectified quickly.

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