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Shree yantra its uses and benefit

Shree yantra its uses and benefit

As per yantra science to attract Goddess laxmi shree yantra is the most powerful yantra. With this yantra economical condition is stabilized and improved. Everyone wants shree and people are selling it too . Is keeping shree yantra enough ? Let's see how it works and its benefits.

In yantra science for each and every work a yantra is used. Shree yantra is used to get rid of financial problems. Apart from this there are other yantras as well like kuber yantra, business yantra. Shree yantra is the king of all and lies above the rest and is the important one. Let's see it's construction.

Shree yantra 

It's made in a way that below five triangles above lie four triangles. It is composed in a way that it forms 43 triangles. These triangles have two lotus surrounding it. The first one has ashtadal lotus second and outer one is shadodal . 

These two lotus have three circles and has three chairus outside knows as bhupur. This yantra can be made on copper,silver or gold. Rhinestone yantra is also available nowadays.

Now comes the part that one has bought shree yantra but was it charged Before buying . one can get this yantra in 24 hours but was the time apt when the order for shree yantra was placed. Has the seller charged it on the same day. In thi condition also the yantra doest give good effect. Yantras have to be charged before using.

If one has a shree yantra already and not gety any benefit try this.

How to activate shree yantra

Choose an auspicious day like shukla paksh on Friday , take shree yantra and wash it water from Ganges and place it in the temple of the house while remembering Goddess laxmi and chant "om shrim" . It has to be done 21 times on the holy garland for 5 days. After it the yantra will be activated. Self charging is advisable only when an expert is unavailable for the work. Getting it charged from an expert provides the best results. 

After this place the yantra wherever it's desired house temple or the shop or office. Daily pray to shree yantra with the following mantras or anyone mantra can also be chanted. The more the chant better its

Shree yantra mantra
1 Shri Mahalakshmaya Namah

2 Shreem hreem kleem hreem shreem Mahalakshmaya namah

3 shreem hreem shreem kamale kamalalaya praseeda praseeda shreem hreem shreem Mahalakshmaya namah.

significance of shree yantra 

It can be kept in house ,office at the place of worship. It should be prayed to daily with incense stick, diya and holy items with the mantras so as to increase the luck, prosperity and splendor.

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  1. nice post, can you also provide mahalakshmi stotram which will be chanted in favour of Goddess Lakshmi...


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