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pisces zodiac sign characteristics

pisces zodiac sign characteristics

Zodiac Lord is Jupiter, element associated is water and good characterized. It's appearance is two faced and rules East Direction. People of this zodiac are medium color,circular face,curly hair,high nose,small teeth and eyes are sharp and shiny. These people are very humane. Let's see their characteristics.

nature of Pisces zodiac sign persons

They like to stay away from wrong deeds. Their natural flair is merciful and generosity. They are intelligent and scholar. They have interests in new works and people are influenced by them. They love to use materialistic things.

venus is highly good in this zodiac sign. They are
successful actor , musician , minister , physician, doctor , art ,science and literature benefits. 

They suffer loss when become more generous. They are very obedient for their parents. They suffer in childhood but when become adults they have money,fame,happiness all material things. These people are religious and even forgive others who hurt them quickly. 

suitable career for pisces sign or meen rashi

If they work with things involving liquids then they have successful business. Things out of salt water , diamonds , gems , import-export , trans- ocean -related actions will benefit and achieve high success.

health of Pisces

The people of this zodiac may have breast disease , tuberculosis , touched fingering , asthma , cough , cold. 

positive and negative for pisces

Rise in fate: - 32 th year of life ,41 , 45 , 48 , 58 , 65 , 85th year auspicious

Name characters for pisces persons : - di,du,the,Jh,de,do,cha,chi

Friends signs of pisces - Cancer, Scorpio .

Enemies signs of pisces - Aries, Leo , Sagittarius,

Gemstone for pisces - Topaz.

Friendly colors for pisces - yellow , red , white .

Good day for pisces - Thursday .

Friendly deity - Lord Vishnu .

Favorable number for pisces - 3 .

Friendly Dates for pisces person: - 3, 12 , 21 , 30 .

Personality - passionate , studious , spiritual .

Positives : - humility , gentleman

Negative facts: - carefree .

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