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malachite stone benefits

malachite stone benefits

mostly found in green color. It's crystals are found in very small size. It is fiber -rich, opaque and has light and dark stripes in it making it unique. After polishing it appears silky and is very delicate. It has become very popular due to its green color. It's named after free work mallow which means herb or medicine.

Metaphysical property of malachite stone

It opens blocked chakras of human body, repairs and maintains energy in all chakras. It increases the native spirituality and gumption . This finding true love , it is helpful to maintain balance . It encourages the holder to do good of themselves . It is a strong indicator of good fortune, provides prosperity, protection. It also Protects the womb of pregnant women,children ,Protects them from evil . it makes Air travel and other trips safe. It also provides security emotionally. It takes care that Persons who can try to harm themselves.

When a person goes through a problem Malachite crystal helps to balance the brain and solve problems easily. It takes a person to the root of the problem. Overview of the problem is attained quickly as Holder 's insight and intuition increases .It increases mental capacity, broadening information about complex concepts that helps understanding of problems.

It saves from radiations emitted by the mobile and the computer making environment clean . It should be worn after a gemstone experts advice. It helps to over come painful sufferings and negativity. For those undergoing mental depression this gem is a wonder.Many scholars suggest that it helps wearer for rebirth, this can be considered as a way.

When the holder chooses the way for the achievement of its objectives and move forward on the path of progress this gem easily helps . Green and black colors help in getting rid of previous traumatic events and negativity. It not only increases happiness in life but also helps to maintain balance among the moods of individual and also makes a person flexible.

It keeps the mind calm, develops a sense of leadership, provides protection of all types . It grows natives intelligence. It is helpful in the realization amenities, maintaining mental and physical balance . It is helpful in understanding oneself. It gives Positive change which is therapeutic.

It promotes communication and dialogue channels and helps to cope with other people . Low capacitance negative energy and body's internal balance is maintained. It is an amazingly creative gem,provides nutrition, patience and endurance. It helps the brain to concentrate,increased Intelligence and reduces the sense of self- blame for any shortfall.

Healing abilities of malachite stone

Jewellery made of malachite provides wearer with positivity both outside and inside a person's body. Helps to correct all female medical issues,boosts immunity,regulates blood pressure, Arthritis , asthma , bone fracture , joint inflammation, epilepsy,eye problems, Pancreas (pancreas), dizziness , spleen and Parathyroid . It strengthens the liver and stops toxin production.It eases pain . It keeps you away from insomnia and mental anxiety and stress, Maintains healthy circulatory system.

Color availability in malachite stone

It is found mainly in green, dark green and light green , black or streaks of light and dark bands.

Places where it is found 

Chile , the US , South Africa , southern Australia , the Congo , Namibia , Russia , Mexico , England , Arizona , France , Siberia , Israel , Zambia.

Care and safety 

If after wearing if it's color changes then it means it has absorbed negativity,so it's ready to be cleansed. It's delicate should be kept away from soap,acid and salty water and washed with flowing water. To recharge it place it with pieces of hematite overnight. Direct sunlight and polish should be specifically taken care of.

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