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Judgement card meaning in tarot trump


Judgement is the 20th card in major arcana. This card enables the fool to judge the right and wrong. The angel is by your side and is blowing the trumpet to make others listen to the truth that will help you in gaining freedom and a new life. The human bodies arise From the stone coffins. 

The three states of consciousness, woman-sub consciousness and the child-super-consciousness. When the coffins are closed, they go black and enter darkness but now they live in illumination.

Judgement also suggests integration of the male,female and child. It is also about facing the truth where we have been and and where we are going. It heralds the end of a chapter in life

but not mourning like the death card, it is more of realization, seeing the truth and reaping the harvest of what seeds one has planted in the past.

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