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Importance of unused items in vastu shastra and fengshui

Importance of unused items in vastu shastra and fengshui

According to Vastu Science or Chinese fengshui keeping unimportant items in itself is a Vastu defect. It effects our daily lives to an extent. This causes different types of obstacles in life let's see what is the effect of it.

clutter in vastu shastra and fengshui

Any useless item or clutter turns all kinds of energy to negative energy like if water is collected at a place then foul smell starts coming out of it which is a symbol of loss. Alot of times we keep stuff which causes alot of problems for us.

clutter creates negative CHI

As per Feng Shui useless items produce negative energy CHI which obstructs our progress and problems and as a result of person gets trapped in past and is unable to move ahead.

problems due to clutter

Some people keep up old magazines , clothes or newspapers they give negative effects. Someone in the family could get skin problems or difficulty in studying also prevail.

Any broken show piece,idol or Roy's shouldn't be kept in the house this creates defect in the fire zone thereby causing rifts among members.

Stuff like old bottles,pipe,folding bed or any other useless stuff also causes arguments. 

Old shoes , warm clothes invite and increase chances of thefts. 

astrology also suggests not to bring clutter

Old non-working clocks,old coins,cell,battery 
,broken glass etc all effect Rahu (snake head) who is the lord of southwest earth element then stop progress. 


In a nutshell it can be easily understood that whichever planet is effected by keeping old and unused goods associated with it will effect the direction ,element and there by resulting in problems in those areas.

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