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Importance of Southwest direction in Vastu shastra

In Vastu Science Southwest is considered the most important Direction. Some expert consider it to be of utmost importance. is is also called "naritya kon". The Lord of this direction is Rahu (snake head) let's see why this direction is so important

As per science all the energy starts at northeast flows to Southwest and gets stabilized. According to science this corner as the most outburst of magnetic field. That's why experts suggest you to keep money in this direction so that it stabilizes also the elderly of the house are also given this cornered room for stability.

matters related to southwest zone

As per vastu science this direction provides permanency and stability is given by this direction whether it's relationship or financial matters. 

astrological connection with south-west direction

In astrology,in the same corner the Lord is Rahu which is responsible for unexpected gains or losses that is also one of the reasons why experts suggest to keep this side of the room filled and heavier so that Rahu's I'll effects are at bay. Having a toilet in this direction causes Pitradosh.

which placements consider defects in south-west

Let's see some defects in this corner. A boring or any water source here is a very big Vastu defect due to which a house is never peaceful and one or other members falls prey to bad habits or turn addicts. Apart from this toilet or kitchen in this direction also causes big Vastu defects.

This corner is never left empty as when the sun's rays fall in this room they turn ultra violet thereby producing cancer causing rays.

A cut in southwest will make a loan so badly payable that person is never able to progress and stuck with the loan. 

chakras connection with south-west direction or naritya kon

Colors like blue ,green,red in this direction cause problems. This corner is associated with mooladhar chakra which is the root chakra associated with savings, money, being famous, diseases below stomach area,loss in business etc are all problems due to this defect and its removal is the most important. To remove any kind of Vastu defects first and foremost the the defects of southwest should be corrected at first because after this only stability and peace is achieved.

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