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fengshui Remedies for a T point house

T point houses are not considered good in fengshui. A road which directly leads to a house is a t point house also known as shars means road and shoola means an arrow. Such house is not considered good to live. Let's see effects and remedies.

vastu and fengshui for T - point house properties

T point house is considered as a major defect in Vastu and is generally seen that people living in such type of house are unable to progress or indulge in wrong activities. A road which is coming like an arrow direct in the house causes problems in happiness. After seeing the image above one can make out about the vidhi shoola plot how the road is coming into the house. 

T-point plot is not considered good in any way but as compared to other directions North northeast and East ,northeast has less effects. A gate to house in this direction is only favorable not in any other directions.

Now of someone owns this type of house and has no other option then these vastu remedies will provide benefits

*Plant green plants and trees outside the house.

*Use a convex pauka mirror outside the house.

*A halogen light focusing from the road should be put up.

*Make a bandstand or floor outside the house.

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