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fengshui cat to get rid of bad luck

fengshui cat to get rid of bad luck

In Feng Shui apart from wind chime and laughing Buddha there is another famous product which is lucky cat. In India there are a lot of beliefs associated with cats like if a cat is spotted on the Diwali night then it's very auspicious. In Buddhist countries like China and Japan a cat with one hand up is considered very lucky knows as the lucky cat. Let's see it's benefits and uses

what is fengshui cat

Sometimes you might have noticed at the malls or offices a cat with a hand up , small sized statue of a cat, the same which can be seen in the image below. 

In Chinese Vastu which we know as Feng Shui this cat is considered very lucky. Most of the cats in India are of golden color only but it also comes in other different colors which have different uses. 

Lucky cat for the growth of business 

If progress of business is desired then this cat A can be kept in office. Color of the cat should be yellow or white in West corner of the office.

where to place fengshui cat - direction for fengshui lucky cat

Keep a blue colored cat in North direction.

To improve health put a green coloured cat in east corner of the house benefit will come surely.

This lucky cat can be used to get various benefits. If you have a golden cat ,since its the most commonly available cat in India,keep it in West direction of your office.

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