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Why we face North or East direction as per vastu shastra

Often at many places we read or are being taught that when eating , studying or doing any other work. By doing so we get benefits as this Direction is ideal as per Vastu. Let's see why we need to follow this. 

What is scientific reason for it 

We all know that earth has two poles one is North other is South. Oxygen flows from North Pole to south Pole , which is necessary for us. This flow is from North ,South, East till West. If we face in east or North then the oxygen supply is continuous as a result of which the body doesn't require much effort, cells and other physical system runs perfectly so if we face South direction then our body has to work  hard as a result of which breathing apparatus and other organs are affected. 

This has no immediate effect but it seen in the long run if same routine is followed it has negative effects. Also to make people follow this seriously it's is also associated with religion so that its followed daily. 

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