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Ways to get away from negativity as per vastu shastra - fengshui

Ways to get away from negativity

Vastu works on the principal of positive and negative energy. Our house could be as per Vastu but there could be things in daily life which we get on brings negativity. A very apt example could be about taking gift from a person who does not like you. Let's see a few small things by avoiding which negativity can be kept away.

Things to avoid as per Vastu shastra -fengshui 

It's seen that by buying or bringing old stuff into the house the negativity associated with the object also comes with it and since that day some or the other problem comeup. Some people buy old furniture for the office which gives negative effects.

Display of paintings

Avoid putting up such paintings which show disease, enemy and sorrow. The are very simple to read and even simpler to implement.

Do not accept gifts from a negative person

Never accept gift from a person who doesn't like you or gets along with you because by doing so the energy of the person who doesn't like you gets heavy on you .A person who can't see you happy in such conditions how can a gift given by them give you good effect. If the gift has to be taken anyhow then take it and give it some where else.

Do not listen to depressed songs

Once in a blue moon its alright but listening to such songs which brings old sorrow is very wrong. A peaceful music gives peace to soul and mind. A peaceful mind can achieve alot.

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