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Vastu tips to improve concentration of students for studies

Vastu tips to improve concentration of students for studies

It's is very commonly seen that students don't feel like studying. When they try to study something or other takes away their concentration. Could be possible that from somewhere negative energy is coming. To improve concentration and memory use these easy Vastu remedies.

Vastu tips to increase concentration

1. shape of study table as per vastu Shape -   of the study table should be regular square ,a rectangle or circular. It's should not be haphazard. It will effect a child's concentration and will confuse the child , also the corners of the table should not be cut. 

always face north or east while studying

2.. Always face North while studying as the energy coming from North is positive so a child's face should be in North to get good concentration also. This Direction should not be blocked let the energy flow inside the house from here. 

take support

3 While studying take back support of the wall. A window or opening at the back though provides support but also takes away concentration. 

do not block energy

4 While studying the flow of energy in front of the student should not be blocked. Study table should not be totally next to the wall. A big table should not be made on the bookshelf. 

keep study room neat and clean

5.  A study room should be Clutter free things like old books,notes,mails,stationary etc should be taken out of the room. The room should be cleaned daily. Dust should not be present at all. Keep all the books arranged properly. 

colors to be use for concentration

6. Yellow and Violet are the best to increase memory and concentration. They should be used for painting of table ,chair and walls. Usage of black and blue should be avoided.

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