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Vastu tips for northeast faced plot

vastu tips for property facing north-east

1 This type of plot gives fame,money, intelligent children, good growth etc. While constructing in this plot care should be taken that northeast corner is not cut or covered. Keep in mind that in every room the area of northeast is not reduced in anyway. 

2 Northeast corner should be always lower . thus will increase luck progress and fame. 

3 As pewr vastu shastra northeast corner should not be closed and heavy goods should not be placed. If the front faced area of property is left empty then it will provide more benefits. 

4 While making boundaries in all directions Northeast,East,North should not be high. 

5 Keep this area of the house very clean. Garbage, useless items etc should not be kept here at all. Even the mopping brushes should not be kept here. 

6 Any river,pond,sewer,well,lake etc near to such plot brings luck. 

7 Kitchen should not be made in this direction else it will cause unrest and fights among the family members alongside loss of money.

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