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vastu Rules for placing Temple inside the house

vastu Rules for placing Temple inside the house

It is said that in a place where God's are worshiped daily God's reside in that house and their blessings always stay with them. But if the temple is not as per Vastu then ill effects prevail in the House. Let's take a look at some of the rules fir placing the temple in the house.

Temple should be in North or East direction or in northeast gives positive benefits. Person should pray while facing East this gives favorable results. Things to be noted here is that these tips are for Temple inside the house not for building a Temple separately. Veda have specified different rules for it.

A home Temple should not have big idols of God's. A house temple should have small idol's of God is the most appropriate. Idols above 9" are energized on their own their effect can be positive or negative.

Temple in house should be placed in a way that during the course of the day once at least sun's rays should fall on it positively.The idol of God not face extreme corner of the temple, it should either be in South or West , southwest and northwest should be avoided.

Offering of stale flowers and leaves is not considered good. Fresh and pure water should only be used. Holy water from the Ganges river and Tulsi (basil) leaves are said to never rot or get stale. So these can be used any time.

Items made from leather should not be taken inside the temple. Temple should be cleaned daily and regularly.

Ancestral images of the deceased should not be placed inside the temple. South direction is favourable for doing so.

Temple of the house should not have toilet near to it as its bad to have so. Temple should not be anyway near to toilet else the loss is certain.

At night the temple door should be closed by a curtain. As at night we need less energy whereas in the temple the energy production is continuous , that is also Temple is not suited for bedroom. If a temple is inside bedroom then cover it daily at night with a Curtain and its size should also be small.

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