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Vastu - fengshui defect creates court cases and government problems

Vastu - fengshui defect creates court cases and government problems

Because of the Vastu defect not only health issues are suffered by the owner it also causes court cases, income tax government issues etc take place. It's seen that there are people whose whole life revolves around a court case. All income no matter how much is earned it all goes off in cases at the court. Let's take a look at few reasons

fengshui defect causing government or court case 

If main entrance is South,southeast then court case and government conspiracy are feared. If the owner of the house sleeps in Southeast corner of the house then no matter how much money is earned , chances of loosing it more than what is earned are made. So northwest is the ideal direction for the owner to sleep. This will also reduce the chances of getting problem from the government. 

If East side of the house is taller to other corners of the house the fear of legal problems prevails.

The main door in northwest corner will develop court cases, problems at income tax department.

Having almira with mirror in southwest, Southeast and northwest cause fear from the government related issues.

An almira in Northeast ,toilet, garbage,dirt etc will also cause legal or government problems.

If southwest corner is big then also enemies,loan related problems, court cases etc problems develop. 

If northwest is lower to northeast , also has a water pump,pit then also diseases and government proceeding will take place. 

Southwest corner of the house should be heavier , if the place is empty also Rahu is alone then the money and savings don't seem to benefit the owner. 

Any water pump, well is in northwest of the house then it enmity,court case, deceive, conning along with divine wrath is also encountered.

For success a strong wall in North direction is advised.

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