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Use of gemstones as medicines

Use of gemstones as medicines

Everyone nowadays knows the use of gemstones. Both astrology and Ayurveda provide important details regarding the 9 gemstones available. Gems are also used to provide medicinal benefits in Ayurveda. Vedic ancient scriptures also describe various uses of these gems. The ash of these gems can also be used to treat various diseases. Ailment whether serious or normal, all types of diseases can be cured with the help of these gems.

Since ancient times doctors have been seen using the ashes of these gems. Ashes of all the good gemstones are used. A very complex procedure is followed to derive ash from the gems. Different ashes are used to cure different ailments.

Use of Ruby Stone as medicine (ash of ruby)

It’s used in both forms as ash and also a solid. It is used to cure gas or air related problems in the body. It increases blood levels and also cures stomach related disorders. It increases life expectancy rate as well. It also cures conditions like Vaat, Pitt and cough. It also cures tuberculosis, pain, colic and is beneficial in the prevention of eye related diseases. It also provides relief in burning sensation in the body.

According to gemology Ruby stone has properties like being highly astringent and sweet. This stone provides cool, improvement in eye sight and helps to cure impotence.

Use of pearl (pearl ash)

The ash of this stone is also eaten as a medicine. It serves as a coolant to those who are calcium deficient and provides them benefit. It’s beneficial for eye sight and increase in the body strength. The ash of pearl is known with the name of Mukta Ash. Mukta is consumed to treat tuberculosis, Chronic fever, debility, cough and respiratory disorders, Blood pressure, heart disease.

Use of Coral as medicine

Scholars believe that by grinding and applying the branch of Coral with Kewda or rose water will prevent abortion. Its ash is useful in Cough and pitt related diseases. It’s also used for treatment of leprosy, Cough, fever and paleness curing it is an excellent and great medicine. Its consumption makes body muscular. Coral ash along with betel leaf cures cough and cold.

Use of Emerald

Its ash is used only with kewda or rose water. It ends all the diseases pertaining to blood related ailments. It is very useful in urinary disorders and heart diseases. Its ash is a coolant and relaxing. It increases appetite of a person and is useful in acid and bile. Excessive heat of the body is treated by using the ash of Emerald. In case of excessive vomiting its ash is beneficial. In asthma, indigestion and piles it is useful and beneficial.

Ash of yellow Sapphire

It’s used to cure jaundice, cough, breathing -related and is used to overcome hardship . It is useful in diseases like rheumatism and hemorrhoids. Cough and air diseases are treated from its ashes. This gem destroys toxic bacteria inside the body and also provides relief in nausea.

Ash of Diamond

Scholars believe that a diamonds ash should not be consumed. Only if at all its ash is obtained from its purest form then it should be consumed. Ash cures diabetes, anemia, inflammation , Fistula , ascites , tuberculosis , etc. It enhances the beauty of the face. As per gemology if a person taking his/her last breaths is fed with diamonds ash ,then by consuming it only once the person will get well.

Diamonds ash has the power to increase the sperm production and cure impotence totally. It also has the power to cure three fault diseases from the root.

If at all anybody consumes diamond accidently then a person should be given milk with clarified butter. It will cause vomiting and the accidently swollen diamond will come out. An article of diamond if it is kept lying inside stomach will cause injury in intestines and ultimately will cause risk to life.

Use of Blue Sapphire

Ash of blue sapphire should be made into a paste with kewda or rose water or ved musk water. Once when its totally turned into powder then only it should be used for consumption. The ash has to be consumed with honey, cream, ginger juice, mixed with betel juice etc. It is beneficial in chronic fever, Epilepsy, brain weakness, delirium and relieves hiccups. It’s useful in rheumatism, arthritis, colic, neuralgic pain, illusions, tumor, disease cures and fainting.

Use of Onyx or Hessonite

It helps to cure air colic disorders, skin problems and worm related disorders. It also provides benefit in Hemorrhoids.

Use of Cats eye

It’s used in a paste form. It’s useful in cough, cold etc. It is called the Vadury. The sweet juice is its property. Semen quality is improved with it. It makes intellect sharp. It is age invigorating and bile problem destroyer. It cures the diseases of the eyes. The ash resulting from featured bile is used to alleviate diseases.

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